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Name: Duan Jin
Honorary Title
Professional Title: professor and postgraduate advisor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University
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Research direction: Urban spatial development research and urban design

DUAN Jin has a series title of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Engineering Survey and Design Master, director of Urban Space Institution of SEU, chief planner of urban planning & design institute of SEU. Duan started his study in the Department of Architecture of Tianjin University in 1978, and received his doctoral degree in SEU in 1992. Since then, he has held a teaching position in Research Institute of Architecture and School of Architecture of SEU.

Duan has engaged in academic research and design practice in urban planning and design for more than 30 years. He has constructed the theory and methodology of Urban Spatial Development Theory, with proposing the concept of Space Gene. The innovation in theoretical consideration with a series of pilot project, such as Xiongan New Area’s Urban Design, the Demonstration Area in the Yangtze River Delta Urban Design, South-to-North Water Diversion Planning, Suzhou Historical District Detail Plan and Nanjing Youth Olympic Village Urban Design, against challenges in China’s urbanization process, especially the crisis of contemporary cultural identity, tension because of deterioration of natural environment and the loss of historical information. Furthermore, research result was adopted by several national or industrial standards and guidelines, such as Urban Design Guidelines for Territorial Planning (TD/T 1065-2021). Duan was invited to participate in the revision of the UN-habitat approved International guidelines: International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning as well. And Duan has published 12 books as the first author and more than one hundred papers. Duan has won 28 international and national planning and design awards as the first winner, including 3 first prize of National Excellent Urban and Rural Planning Design Award (2005, 2011, 2015, 2019), 1 Merit Award for Excellence of International Society of City and Regional Planning (ISOCARP) Awards for Excellence (2018), 1 Best Urban Design Project of Leading European Architects Forum (LEAF) Awards (2018), 1 Honorable Mention of Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA) Awards for Architecture (2015). He was honored with 2 first prize (1990, 2018) and 2 second prize (2001, 2014) of Science and Technology Process Award on provincial and ministerial level. Besides, Duan has won 17 awards in international design competitions, including the winning of the International Consulting for The Urban Design of the Starting Zone for the Xiongan New Area in Hebei Province (2017). And three projects were selected in the international itinerant exhibition City Vision 1910 | 2010.