Name: Li Haiqing
Honorary Title
Professional Title: Professor, Academic Advisor of Ph.D. Students, School of Architecture, Southeast University
Year of Award
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Research direction: Modern architectural history and theory; Industrial architectural heritage; Localized design strategy of green building

LI Haiqing is Member of Academic Committee of Modern Architectural History, ASC, Member of Academic Committee of Industrial Architectural Heritage, ASC, Member of Expert Pool of National Cultural Heritage Administration, Founding Member of Asian Construction History Network, and Executive Editor of New Architecture. He has been teaching at Southeast University for about 30 years at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The courses include building construction, architectural design and historical review of architectural technology, etc. He also was a visiting scholar at ETH Zurich and Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Li has been among the first to commence the investigation of the history of Modern architectural technology in China since 1999. His research interrogates the building mode in the context of global mobility, and the impact of concept on design practice. He is the author of the books, Modern Transformation of Chinese Architecture, and Further Exploration of Modern Transformation—Research on the History of Technology of Indigenized Modern Architecture in China. He co-authored the book in English version, The Art of Architectural Integration of Chinese and Western. He co-edited the book, Farming on a Small Plot of Land—The Oral History of China’s Master Architects Prof. Pan Guxi. He also participated in the preparation of the 5volumes of the books, History of Modern Chinese Architecture. His numerous papers were published in Chinese and English journals, he has been invited to deliver more than 40 academic speeches in NJU,TONGJI,NUS and other universities or international academic congresses. He also serves as reviewer for a number of major Chinese and international academic journals. He has led and completed several major national, provincial and ministerial research projects. His work, “Xuan’en No.1 Granary” has been exhibited at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, 2021. His project that explores the integration of research and design was awarded the first prize of “Creative Award of Tumu, the Society of Architecture,” the second prize of “Architecture Design Awards of Architecture Society of China,” and the first prize of “China Award for Science and Technology in Construction.” He also won the “Excellent Guide Teacher Award” for instructing outstanding students’ design works at the UIA-HYP CUP International Student Competition in Architectural Design, 2015.