Name: Jin Xing
Honorary Title
Professional Title: professor and doctoral advisor
Year of Award
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Research direction: 1. Architectural physics: building energy-saving technology, post evaluation and re-improvement of green building performance; 2. City physics: Urban heat island effect, ecological benefit evaluation and planning of green plant landscape 

Jinxing is a Professor and Doctoral Advisor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University. In 2012, he graduated from Southeast University with a doctorate degree and was co-cultured at the University of Kansas. He has been responsible for teaching courses such as Architectural Physics1, Building Technology, Site Practice, History of Architectural Technology Developmentand other design and joint teaching courses; He has carried out research on green building, building energy conservation, urban thermal environment, etc. mainly around architectural physics and urban physics. He took charge of many projects such as National Natural Science Foundation, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, Scientific Research Fund for Outstanding Young Teachers of Southeast University and participated in several projects such as national key R&D plan and national science and technology support plan; he published more than 60 papers, including nearly 40 SCI papers, which were cited more than 800 times; he was the first author of his 17 SCI papers and 10 papers were excellent; he co-authored 1 English monograph; he obtained 6 invention patents authorized; he was selected as “Huaying Scholars” in 2016, awarded “Heatcraft Awards”; he served as Associate Editor of an SCI journal, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. He was an International Academic Committee member at IEA-ECES Greenstock Conference 2015.