Name: Wang Haining
Honorary Title
Professional Title: lecturer for the School of Architecture, Southeast University; deputy director of BIM-CIM Technology Research Center, Southeast University
Year of Award
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Research direction: forward design, information model and performance control design of prefabricated buildings 

Wang Haining, a doctoral graduate working as a Lecturer and Deputy Director at BIM-CIM Technology Research Center, Southeast University, majors on architectural technology and theory, forward design, information model, performance control design of prefabricated buildings. His research is focused on how to control and optimize the form, function, construction and performance in the early stage of architectural design.

He has successively participated in more than 20 project designs successively and participated in the R&D of the software of Nanjing Prefabricated Building Information Service and Supervision Platformwhich has been officially launched in January 2019 and become the government public platform of Nanjing prefabricated building management; in addition, the software of BIM and Prefabricated Building System Solution Of Kunshan Cityhas been given the bid winning notice from Kunshan government procurement. It will also become government public platform of BIM and prefabricated building in Kunshan City.

In recent years, he has taken over the subproject of the national key R& D plan during the period of 13th five-year plan, the youth fund project of the National Natural Science Foundation (51908111), the construction system science and technology project of Jiangsu Province (2018ZD276), and the scientific research project of construction industry modernization of Nanjing City (2019003). He has published 2 works, obtained 5 approved invention patents and 4 software copyrights. He edited or participated in the compilation of 2 national standards and procedures. He published more than 10 papers in domestic and foreign publications.