Name: Shi Yonggao
Honorary Title
Professional Title: professor, postgraduate advisor, assistant to foreign dean of School of Architecture International Demonstration
Year of Award
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Research direction: Modern architectural theory; Architectural design research

Shi Yonggao is the Bachelor and Professor from Department of Architecture (School of Architecture) of Southeast University, National First-Class Registered Architect, Deputy Secretary-General of Academic Committee of Architectural Review of Architectural Society of China, Director of Architecture Media Academic Committee of Architectural Society of China.

In the aspect of scientific research, Professor Shi Yonggao takes construction as the core, and extends it to the fields of topography, body and space to carry out the research of modern architecture theory; on this basis, he also carries out the research of western modern architecture theory (1750 -) and Chinese modern architecture and city (1900 -). In recent years, focusing on the site and performance, the “environmental regulation” and “construction”, namely important technology and culture route which are often separated, he has integrated research at the level of built environment. In the aspect of teaching, Dr. Ma Jin focuses on the basic design teaching with construction and space as the main line, the design teaching of undergraduate from the basic problems, and the architectural theory teaching combining design and technology. In terms of research orientation, he strives to explore the theoretical themes closely related to contemporary urban design and architectural design, which can also trigger practical problems, so that the theory and practice of architecture can generate and contribute to each other, and make buildings present the brilliance of physical properties in their daily experience and functions, and also meet the expectations of intelligence.

He is the author of Materials Presentation: Research on the Construction-Space Duality of Materials in Western Architecture in the 19th and 20th Century (2008, 2018), the co-author of Foundation of Architectural Design (2015), and the author of translation Surface Architecture (2017), etc. He has published more than 50 papers in major domestic and foreign architectural academic journals, and presided over multiple albums of Architectural Journal, Architect, New Architecture. His doctoral thesis was awarded Excellent Doctoral Thesis of Jiangsu Province (2008). He acted as Visiting Scholar of the University of Pennsylvania in 2010, Part-time Associate Professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012, and selected as “Southeast Architect” in 2015.