Name: Pia Simmendinger
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Professional Title: Associate Professor of the Architecture Internationalization Demonstration School of Southeast University
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«The sensory experience of space is at the center of my work»

What does a narrow, dark, musty smelling room do to us? And how do we feel in a warm, light￾filled space? Every space is charged with an atmosphere, appealing to our various senses and emotions. Our lives play out in space. Space shapes our being - in every moment, consciously or unconsciously.

In my artistic exploration of space, I use plaster of paris and wax, of which the latter is colouredwith plants, such as rosemary and sage. In their fusion, the contrasting characteristics of these natural materials, combine to create a sense of unity: producing clearly defined edges next to softly polished surfaces, as well as raw, unworked areas. In this way the supple wax takes on a severe, angular quality, while the firmer plaster radiates warmth and liveliness. Thus, in a surprising interplay with unexpected fractures, new spatial situations, new perspectives, and new ways of seeing emerge.

My fascination with space was a driving force during my education as an architect at the ETH Zurich. I finished my studies at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Los Angeles, finding a new means of expressing my discourse on the relationship between art and architecture. At present I work as a freelance artist, a lecturer, and a publisher situated at the interface between Architecture and Fine Arts.