Art and medium I-II

This course is a compulsory course for these majors in the School of Architecture: architecture, urban and rural planning and landscape architecture. It aims to enable students to receive professional training in arts and media expression, so as to have the ability to correctly handle and express the visual information felt in architectural design. The teaching covers contour sketch, structure sketch, negative sketch, light shadow sketch, sculpture element sketch, material sketch, etc.


Art and medium III-IV

This course is a common basic course for these majors: architecture, urban planning and art design. It aims to let students know different expression ways for arts as a medium through learning, and to improve the ability of expression with comprehensive use of visual design language through practice. The teaching covers color composition, art installation, photography and image, building visualization and craft workshop, etc.


Art and medium practice 1

To express the painting objects such as architecture and environment in multiple ways with a variety of expression methods; to obtain the form innovation from the abstract art by analyzing and studying the abstract form; to carry out modeling exercises by adopting different modeling media, so that the students can have a perceptual understanding of the plastic ability and plastic characteristics of different materials.


Art and medium practice 2

The students will master the comprehensive application of color, shape, space and design through creative modeling design with various media. Famous scholars and artists at home and abroad are invited to organize art and media camps at various themes. Provide more chances for exposure to international teaching methods and concepts.


Environmental color design

Teaching the research and practice of environmental color at different levels, involving modern western color science, chromaticity science, research on traditional Chinese colors, western environmental color culture, modern environmental color design and practice, color design in architectural space and urban color planning topics.


Furniture and public facility design

This course focuses on the study on the history of furniture development, the relationship between furniture, people and environment, study on furniture modeling strategy, the design strategy for public facilities, etc. It is an important link in the curriculum system of interior design and environmental planning & design to improve the students' design skills in terms of function, structure, material selection, color planning and steps for furniture design by integrating with different types of design topics.


Interior Furnishing Design

Starting from guiding students to understand and explore Chinese traditional material culture, the course analyzes and reveals how human behaviors affect the interior furnishing design for ultimate aims to improve students' ability to carry out interior furnishing design with comprehensive knowledge of material culture, behavior habits, styles, materials, colors and lighting.