The Institute of Architectural History and Theory is responsible for the teaching of 3 first-level disciplines: history, theory and heritage, as well as the interdisciplinary design teaching supporting the three first-level disciplines for the whole institute. The architectural history and theory discipline is a national key second-level discipline. It was founded by Liu Dunzhen, Tong Jun, Yang Tingbao and other famous scholars and educators, was carried forward under the leadership of Professor Pan Guxi, Guo Husheng, Liu Xianjue and Liu Xujie, and continued developing under the leadership of Professor Zhu Guangya, Zhou Qi and Chen Wei. At present, four research directions have been established in the Institute: history of architecture, architectural theory, heritage conservation and Asian study. The Institute is undertaking main work for “Key Laboratory of Urban and Architectural Heritage Conservation(Southeast University), Ministry of Education, China”, “Key Scientific Research Base of Technology of Traditional Wooden Architecture (Southeast University),State Administration for Cultural Heritage,China”, “Center for Asian Architecture”,“AS Research Center for Architectural Theory” and “Jiangsu Provincial Research Base for Preventive Conservation of Architectural Heritage (Southeast University)”. It is a director unit of the Architecture History and Theory Committee of the National Steering Committee for Higher Education of Architecture under the Ministry of Education.