The Institute of Architectural Algorithms & Applications (Inst. AAA) of Southeast University is establishing the field of generative design, digital fabrication, and physical computing in the School of Architecture. By exploring the cutting-edge technologies and methods from computer science and engineering, Inst. AAA has been applying digital technologies to architecture, landscape, and urban planning. The computational methods have facilitated the unprecedented integration of research, education, and practice. The interplay of computation, automation, and production leads to the reunion of digitization and materialization of architecture.


Our education programs are supported by research programs. The major undergraduate design studios (fourth grade, 8 weeks) include generative design, digital fabrication, and physical computing. These design studios teach students computer programming and guide them to explore the algorithmic logic of architectural design. The graduate programs are more closely associated with the Institute’s research agenda, including machine learning of architectural/urban data, robotic fabrication, and smart embedded systems.