Research in architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture have been undertaken,resulting in a number of highly recognized publications, chief among which is Frontiers of Architectural Research (FoAR), which was ranked third place among architectural online journals by Google Scholar in 2018.


Recent publications (or to appear in the near future) include:


A translation series from the AS (SEU-AA) Contemporary Architecture Theory Forum:

Words and Buildings

Topographical Stories: Research on Landscape and Architecture

The Heterogeneity of Architecture

From Drawing to Building Translation and Other Articles


Books or conference proceedings by Prof. David Leatherbarrow:

Modern Theory before Modernism - Ruskin, Violet le Duc, and Semper

Topics of Urban Architecture

Practical Aesthetics: Tectonics Yesterday and Tomorrow

Stable Fluidity: the Architecture of Mountains and Water


Books by Chu-Joe Hsia

The Construction of Heterogeneous Places, vol.1, 2 and 3

A glimpse of the devil, vol.1