Name: Chen Xiaodong
Honorary Title
Professional Title: associate professor and postgraduate advisor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University; director of Urban Planning Department of School of Architecture
Year of Award
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Research direction: urban design and its implementation, quantitative analysis on urban spatial form

Chen Xiaodong, who is an associate professor and master tutor of the School of Architecture and a national registered planner and doctor of engineering, is mainly engaged in the research and teaching of urban and rural planning, urban design and associated theories.

Academically, Doctor Chen is always focusing on the scientific description, evolution analysis, planning and design, and implementation strategy study for urban and rural spatial form. In recent years, his research interests mainly involve the quantitative analysis on urban and rural spaces based on new technologies including networking science, as well as the theoretical exploration into local urban and rural planning and design relying on traditional cultural ideas. He has led and participated in 5 national and provincial scientific research programs, published more than 20 papers and 2 monographs and co-authored 1 monograph. He has won 1 first prize and 1 third prize of Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Award, 1 second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award issued by the Ministry of Education, and he has twice won the thesis award in the professional group of Forum of Seeking Truth of Urban Planning Society of China

In planning and design practice, Doctor Chen is good at the preparation of various urban designs and detailed plans, emphasizing the positive interaction between scientific and rational analysis and innovative thinking in planning and design, promoting the inheritance of local cultural characteristics of urban space, and focusing on the preparation of urban design guidelines. He has successively led and participated in more than 30 planning and design programs, mainly involving the overall landscape features, downtown district, landscape ecology sensitive areas, urban areas under the influence of major events, areas around high-speed railway station, etc., and won one first prize and two second prizes of national excellent urban-rural planning design awards and several provincial excellent planning and design awards.