Name: Wang Jianguo
Honorary Title
Professional Title: professor and doctoral advisor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University, director of Urban Design Research Center Of Southeast University
Year of Award
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Research direction: urban design and architectural design

Wang Jianguo is the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor from Southeast University. At present, he is the Director of Ministry of Education’s Steering Committee on the Teaching of Architecture, the Vice President of Architectural Society of China, the Vice President of Urban Planning Society of China, the Vice Director of the Urban Design Expert Committee of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China, and the Chief Editor of Frontiers of Architectural Research. In 2001, he was awarded the title of “Distinguished Professor of the Yangtze River Scholars Award Program” by the Ministry of Education, the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.

He has been engaged in scientific research, teaching and engineering practice in the field of urban design and architecture for a long time and has made a series of innovative achievements. For the first time in China, the theory and method system of modern urban design has been systematically and completely constructed by him. He has revealed the construction mechanism of urban spatial form from the technical level, and has preliminarily solved urban design problems related to height, density, style optimization and management and control in urban construction. He has published 7 works and more than 200 papers. His achievements were provided with 1 first prize of Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education, 1 first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Education, 4 second prizes and 1 first prize of Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Award of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China. He has presided over more than 100 urban designs and architectural designs, including the Overall Urban Design of Guangzhou, the OVERALL URBAN DESIGN of Nanjing, the Overall Urban Design of the Central Urban Area of Zhengzhou, the Tourist Center of Scenic Spot in Niushou Mountain, the Main Exhibition Hall of the 10th Jiangsu Horticultural Exposition EXPO Park. He has been successively awarded 4 first prizes and 6 second prizes of the National Excellent Architectural Design and Excellent Planning Design, 1 Gold Award and 1 Sliver Award of Architectural Design by Architectural Society of China, 10 first prizes for provincial and ministerial design, and 2 international awards.