1. Theory and method of building industrialization design system based on the component method

In view of the problems concerning the matching between the architectural design methods and the architectural industrialization development trends, the theories and methods of component-based architectural design have been proposed and developed, and several key technologies, including the classification system, component encoding system and quantitative calculation model for the performance of architectural components, have been established, thus forming the systematic design theories and methods with components as the core.

2. Technology and method for proactive architectural heritage protection

Based on the requirements for the preventive protection for architectural heritages in the new era, systematic research is carried out from four aspects: degradation mechanism of architectural heritages, monitoring and testing technology, numerical simulation analysis technique, as well as protection and management system. Research is conducted on the deterioration risk assessment method for architectural heritages, environmental control method for masonry architectural heritages, structural safety monitoring and warning system, big data analysis and calculation method, as well as technical regulations for daily maintenance, while the theory, technique and practice application system for preventive protection of architectural heritages are explored and established.

3. Research and application of sustainable environment and low-carbon healthy building

A system dynamics model for low-carbon evaluation on buildings has been established, and a quantitative model for the actual performance analysis of healthy buildings is refined. Based on the information collection technology and algorithm analysis, the sustainable environment and low-carbon healthy development of individual buildings are realized, a whole-chain technology system for urban energy consumption simulation is established, and the appropriate strategies for reducing carbon sequestration suitable for the city are formulated.